Christmas on Maui

This year for the first time my family and I will be spending Christmas on the island of Maui. Of course, I am looking forward to a unique Hawaiian holiday experience with sun, sand and Santa. But can Christmas on Maui be more than just substituting commercialized mainland experiences for commercialized island experiences? Is there Surfing Santasome Maui “Aloha” that can make Christmas even more meaningful?  Of course, in preparation for my December visit to Maui, I’ve already Googled “Christmas on Maui” and have a few things on my list (see below), but what about you? What do YOU like to do on Maui during the holidays?

I asked Maui resident Erik Blair of about his favorite things to do on Maui during the holidays. His response was quintessentially Hawaiian: “Some times we get a group together and agree to meet to watch the sunset, or rarely, sunrise.” Don’t let Erik’s suggestion scare you off…not all Maui Christmas activies need to be so cerebral or zen. Christmas lights and decorations and food are great during the holidays as well!  Please comment to this post, and during the month of December I’ll update you on my thoughts about Aloha Christmas based on personal experience!

Some things on my “Top Things to Do during Christmas on Maui” List:

Updated 11/14/13: We’ve had some great suggestions thanks to your comments! Here are a few more items that are vieing for a spot on my “Top Things to Do during Christmas on Maui” List:

And more to come with your help! Again, please leave your comments here with suggestions for things to do on Maui during the Christmas season!

Surfing Santa

Surfing Santa on Maui

16 thoughts on “Christmas on Maui

      • OH YES! They’ll post more info on their website and on their facebook page with Santa’s dive schedule. sometimes santa dives in the morning and may have mrs. claus or an elf go in the afternoon – dive are usually at 11am and 3pm (they have a special mask so they can talk to the audience) – but they’ll post the days – the aquarium is also OPEN on Christmas day –

  1. Add to your list:
    1. Take a family photo with a Hawaiian Santa. And if you can catch the “Real Hawaiian Santa” that walks on the beach then you’re in for a treat (yes, there is one!) otherwise, the malls have some of them 🙂
    2. Watch Santa coming in via Canoe, or Surfing, or Jet Ski – look out for the schedule.
    3. Visit Gingerbread House shows – there’s a couple of hotels that do a spectacular spread of Ginger Bread Houses – I love seeing them!
    4. When my kids were small we used to drive around neighborhoods to see all the Christmas Lights decorations. It was fun for us. When the economy got bad, there were less people doing it but I think they are now coming back. It’ also a “burn” on gas, but hey we only do this drive around once a year!
    5. Speaking of Christmas Lights, don’t forget to visit the Trees Lighted at Garnd Wailea. Have you seen some pics of it. It’s a tradiiton to drive by there to see it 🙂
    6. Gather friends around for barbacue. Sing Mele Kalikimaka together 🙂

  2. In addition to what I said, attend Christmas Luau or go to free shows on the mall that has some Christmas Hulas (usually keikis) It’s always great to see the keiki dance with the music Mele Kalikimaka.

  3. If u plan to see the sunset, the best way is on a sunset cocktail/music cruise with Kai kanani. That was one of our favorites! U r sooo lucky to b going at Christmas … It was amazing!

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  5. 3rd Friday up in Makawao Town .
    Christmas music ,lights , food and entertainment. 5 -8 pm
    It’s very seasonal as it’s a bit cooler upcountry.

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