Where to get a great coffee on Maui

If you are like me, coffee is great no matter what the weather: 40 and rainy? It’s coffee time. 85 and sunny? It’s coffee time! Looking for a good place to get a coffee while on Maui? Of course you will find the ubiquitous Starbucks on the island just like every other corner of the world. But here are some ideas to get your coffee with local Maui flair:

Kaanapali area: MauiGrown Coffee Company Store. This is the real deal. They roast their own coffee (they brought in a Portland guy to run the place, that should tell you something.) Look for the big smoke stack in Lahaina, and you’ll find this gem.

Kahului: [updated 12/30/13] Maui Coffee Roasters is far from the resorts and tourists. Inside it looks like a coffee shop in Portland, complete with Godzilla inflatable hanging from the mirror. And the coffee was excellent, as good as we get in coffee-snob Portland!

Kihei area: Lava Java serves up a great cup, and the owner really knows his beans.Java Cafe is also a great place to enjoy locally sourced coffee in Kihei.

Great place to relax in Paia...Paia Bay Coffee

Great place to relax in Paia…Paia Bay Coffee

Pa’ia: Anthony’s Coffee is on the main street amidst all the activity. Along with great coffee, they offer yummy treats, and that great Pa’ia vibe. For an even more laid back experience, go to Paia Bay Coffee. Good java, and a great outdoor seating area that is a great place to cool off after time in the sun.

Wailuku: If you want to get away from the tourist centers, and just relax at a legitimate coffee house, Wailuku Coffee Company is the ticket. Mostly locals hang out here, so leave the Maui Revealed book in your car.

Upcountry: Grandma’s Maui Coffee in Kula is on my “must visit” list for Maui. Not only do they serve up great coffee, but their desserts are simply the best. I highly recommend the pinapple-banana cake (Warning: do NOT share the cake with anybody! A fight will break out.)

How about you? What is your favorite place to enjoy a little coffee on Maui?

3 thoughts on “Where to get a great coffee on Maui

  1. Maui Coffee Roasters rocks… We always take friends there, and they roast their own coffee too. Have found Anthony’s in Paia to be super spotty with their coffee. Sometimes it’s good, other days it’s old. It’s erratic and unreliable. Ok for people who drink Folgers or instant but can’t recommend it to serious coffee lovers. Smoothies are ok there. There’s also Haz Beans up on Baldwin, a nice friendly cozy place, although I know people who think it’s not strong enough. LOL. Paia Bay Cafe has changed again, so who knows how their coffee is? And even though it’s a big chain, Starbucks is consistent and reliable.

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