Best Maui Beaches: For Families

So are you ready to hit the beach? You don your bathing suit, grab a drink (or two), a towel, your sunglasses, jump in the car, and bam! You are ready to get bronzed and beautiful……If you have a family, especially with little ones, you know that going to the beach isn’t quite so easy! Just packing the car and getting everybody ready is a major accomplishment. So what makes a beach on Maui as “family friendly” as possible?

  1. Easy access: you don’t want to park 1/2 a mile away and drag all your gear and clan along a busy highway just to get to the beach.
  2. Shade: you want trees around so you can set up your keikis where they won’t get burned.
  3. Rocks and other interesting things: kids love to explore when at the beach (not sit on their duffs like us). A playground is an added bonus.
  4. Amenities near by: no matter how carefully you plan, you will forget something. It is nice to be able to jump back in your car, go to the store, and be back in less than 10 minutes.

Does such a place exist on Maui? Glad you asked. My recommendation, based on the above criteria, for the best beach on Maui for families and kids is Kamaole III in Kihei. In addition to the above, you’ll find actual bathrooms (important at times!), picnic tables to make eating easier, and a large grassy area if you have had enough of the sand. Enjoy this awesome beach on Maui with your family! For more ideas on how to enjoy time on Maui with kids, see Maui Jon’s “Maui Kids & Family Fun” Page.

What do you think? Any other Maui beaches you’d recommend to families with kids?

Best beach on Maui for families? KAM III (Photo courtesy of

3 thoughts on “Best Maui Beaches: For Families

  1. I personally like to send people to different beaches than Kam III just because it’s such a small beach and has so many rocks. The swimming isn’t great for kids in my opinion due to all the submerged rocks. Keawakapu is a far superior recommendation in my mind, though shade is an issue. I’m glad you mentioned that though, because shade is crucial to staying out for more than a few minutes in peak sun time. Mahalo for the great article!

  2. Baldwin Beach is great for kids – long sandy shore, safe water in the cove at both sides – the side closest to Kahului is well known as Baby Beach since moms take babies there in the water. It’s got lots of parking, shade, and bathrooms. The swimming is good, lots of interesting areas to explore.

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