Best Maui Beaches: Snorkeling

What is the best beach on Maui that is also a great snorkeling location? This is different than asking what is the best place on Maui to snorkel, since most of the best spots don’t really have any beach to speak of. Having a beach at your snorkel spot may appeal to you if you have family members who don’t snorkel but still want to accompany you and do more than sit on uncomfortable rocks waiting for you to come back.

My first choice for best beach on Maui to snorkel is in West Maui at Black Rock, on the north side of famous Ka’anapali Beach. If you are staying in Ka’anapali, access is easy because you don’t have to contend with parking. There is a public parking garage at the north side of Ka’anapali Beach, but it does fill up frequently by mid-morning. The snorkeling around Black Rock is usually good, and fairly unique because of the sheer lava wall that you can swim along. This is one of the few snorkeling spots where early morning may not necessarily provide the best visibility because the lava wall will still be in shadows until the sun gets high enough in the sky.

If you are staying in Kihei or another South Maui location, I recommend Ul’ua Beach as a great snorkeling location that also has a great beach.

Early morning snorkel at Ulua Beach

Ul’ua Beach is in the Wailea/Makena area of South Maui. See my post on Early Morning Snorkeling at Ul’ua Beach for more details.

This is second in my series of posts on “Best Maui Beaches.” Check out my first “Best Maui Beaches” post: Best Maui Beaches: Boogie Boarding.

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