Best Maui Beaches: Boogie Boarding

As I mentioned in my previous post on Best Beaches, you really can’t answer the question “What is the best beach on Maui?” Each beach is unique, and depending on what you are looking for, the answer will be different. So here is the first of several posts to help you find the perfect beach on Maui…customized for what YOU are looking to do. Today’s Best Maui Beach post will focus on the insanely fun activity of Boogie Boarding.

My nomination for the Best Boogie Boarding beach on Maui is….D.T. Fleming Park north of Kaanapali in West Maui. This beach always seems to have great wave action for boogie boards. I also like it because of the lifeguard tower (you never know…), outdoor showers, restrooms, and easy access.

Beautiful D.T Fleming Beach in West Maui. Photo courtesy of

Honorable mention: if you really don’t want to drive up north, Big Beach (Makena Beach State Park) is another fun boogie boarding beach. But be careful, sometimes the waves at Big Beach are a little too aggressive in their shore break and it can get dangerous. No restrooms, but there are lifeguards.

Enjoy that Boogie Boarding action!

2 thoughts on “Best Maui Beaches: Boogie Boarding

  1. Great post, and I love that photo!
    We have only spent a short time at D.T. Fleming, but it definitely looked like a great place for boogie boarding. Napili looked like a good one as well, although the waves only seemed to be there if we had forgotten our boogie boards back in Kihei (won’t be making that mistake again).

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