Best Beaches on Maui (and rest of America?)

Dr. Beach has come out with his annual top 10 beaches in America list, and Maui’s very own Hamoa Beach is #5. Coronado Beach in San Diego received top honors this year, with Kahanamoku Beach (Oahu), Main Beach East Hampton (New York), and St. George Island State Park (Florida) rounding out the top 5. I don’t know how a beach in New York can even compare to a beach on Maui, but I will defer to the expert!

I don’t think you can really do a comparison of beaches unless you identify what you are looking for in a beach. Seclusion? Big Waves? People watching? Boogie boarding? Picture taking? Kid friendly? Combining everything into one magical score, no matter how many factors you take into account, is like comparing all the different car models in the world on the same list. Watch this space for my own list of “Maui’s Best Beaches”!


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